Friday, February 16, 2007

A R Rahman (All Rave Rahman)

Aah! Thats a topic that i love the most! A R Rahman is more than just a music director. At the time when indian film music was in the desperate need of some revoultionary change, Rahman marked his presence and gosh!! He went on to win National awardfor his debut project 'Roja'. There are many aspects of my love for Rahman. The first and the most important is the way he changed the traditional setup of Indian Film music. It needs a lot of talent and daring to change the current trend and introduce something off-track. Secondly, he can take you to the ecstaties of romance or the fierce battlefield with equal ease. You just dont remain in this world when you are listening to him. He unlike some other composers has not left the base of traditional indian music which is so important in today's age of remixes. Rahman knows exactly who fits in for a particular composition and how to take out the best from someone, even if its Lata didi or Shreya Ghoshal. Another important aspect about his carrer is his presence at the international stage. In my opinion rahman is one of the few distinguished indians who have the ability to face the international competition ably. I idolize him for the same reason. If you have the talent and you are ready to give your best no level of competition can prove tough for you. So two lines which can describe rahman the best...
There are many who rave the God
But there are few whom the gods rave

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