Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Role model path Vs Pioneer Path

I want to draw parallels between two paths for success.Although these are not the only ways to fetch success.
First one is the way where you have some role model who inspires you for the act which you have been doing.Another one is the path where you are the first one (or the only one at that time) to opt for it. Its the success achieved by the role model in the past grabs the attention of the followers of the same path. Engineering your own way requires a lot of original thinking,vision and the patience to take the task to the finish mark.The amount of original thinking may differ in both the paths,pioneer path needs more. "Gurukanth Desai" from film "Guru"is an ideal example of the pioneer path star. Without any assistance from the surrounding atmosphere Desai became the greatest industrialist of the country.He didn't have any godfather to guide him en route.
The experiences,the challenges,the skill to handle suddenly arisen and unexpected problems make the path difficult if you are the lone and the first traveller of the path. Each stumbling block along the path has a certain element of surprise and varying potential of risk in it. It needs enormous self belief to trace your own path and to defy the existing pathways. It takes a copernicus to wreck the contemporary believes and stand on own point. The courage behind the firm stand is the product of self belief which comes from correct work basics and right approach.
Even if you have a role model whose ways you can mimic,there can be situations where the problems faced by you and your role model might be different. At many stages you have to be original and contemplation becomes a necessity.
The glory fetched after the successful completion will obviously differ. Its actually the indicator of the hardships faced.
Its not always possible to define your own way,it depends upon the nature of the person taking up the job. To pioneer your path needs a lot of courage where as following the footsteps has reduced risk in it.A person playing safe might choose the later one where as a courageous person would go for the earlier. In my opinion the glory factor might be the tempting reason to prefer the pioneer path over the role model path.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Random Thoughts

Ever wondered whats so special to be human and to live human life? Its because humans have emotions,they can understand emotions-their own as well as others. Joy,sorrow,anger,love-each one has its impact on the human life. Each one rules the heart.
I listened to aniket's poems yesterday. They touched my heart. Beautifully written,each line,each word has meaning that conveys the maturity of thinking. The optimism in the writing was another striking feature. There wasnt any shade of sorrow,the grief of a broken heart,things that are normally found in most of the poems nowadays. If he permits i will surely post them on my blog.
Humans carry an indispensable thing with them which we call past tense! You can't do anything to your past but it can do a myriad things in your life. Past memories can be inspiring,they can be depressing,at times they can be embarassing,many times they can be useful,they can be like a beaconing light for the future path. It ultimately depends on us as how we see towards our past. I have wonderful memories of my school life. The careless days,never ending sporting enthusiasm, the fun with the friends...The slap on the face and the pat on the back had equally important impression for the good future! Those friends still form the closest group of friends and those memories still occupy the best part of memory..
Each phase of human life has its own importance.Each phase lays down the foundation for the next life.
There is a certain degree of randomness in the thoughts today. I would probably never make my blog look like a diary.Sometimes it may be coherent, sometimes incoherent.But ultimately its the flow of thoughts that matters.Thats why this is "Den of thoughts!"

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Preparation Leave

When I am at the beginning of my two and a half month Long holidays and busy preparing to make out the most of it, some of my good pals are busy preparing for their exams in a duration called as "Preparation leave".
An interesting phenomenon, Preparation leave is supposed to be the duration in which students should take the time to understand the things in their own way and prepare themselves for the battle! While at BITS we don’t get any sort of preparation leaves (Although we take out a free week & bunking all the way!) so in a way it’s a new concept for me.
I tried to have a pool of opinions on this issue. I got two distinct and contrary sets of opinions on the PL issue. The first set supported the cause of PLs and strongly justified it. Another (The more interesting one!) response actually amazed me a lot! My friend (Vaibhav) described PLs in a best manner--"The time during which you assemble the study material which you are going to use before the exam at night!” This response echoed the engineer feeling a lot! And it best described the student mentality in one shot! Kudos Vaibhav!
I can’t prevent myself to extend this topic to the real life situation! The question that immediately crops up to the mind is "Do we have a real life analogue of PL's??" Can we have any preparation break to console a friend having a broken heart or a shattered dream! We obviously cant have any PL when you do a blunder that can have quite a large damage potential and people start firing you questions! There can be many more situations in which you have to prepare yourself for the unexpected situation without any time lag. In all such scenarios spontaneity holds the key. No PLs out there!
For all those guys who are having a (Good or bad Depending on them!) time in their PLs, Whatever the result of this stupid discussion you will have to make the most of your PLs. All the best!!