Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Preparation Leave

When I am at the beginning of my two and a half month Long holidays and busy preparing to make out the most of it, some of my good pals are busy preparing for their exams in a duration called as "Preparation leave".
An interesting phenomenon, Preparation leave is supposed to be the duration in which students should take the time to understand the things in their own way and prepare themselves for the battle! While at BITS we don’t get any sort of preparation leaves (Although we take out a free week & bunking all the way!) so in a way it’s a new concept for me.
I tried to have a pool of opinions on this issue. I got two distinct and contrary sets of opinions on the PL issue. The first set supported the cause of PLs and strongly justified it. Another (The more interesting one!) response actually amazed me a lot! My friend (Vaibhav) described PLs in a best manner--"The time during which you assemble the study material which you are going to use before the exam at night!” This response echoed the engineer feeling a lot! And it best described the student mentality in one shot! Kudos Vaibhav!
I can’t prevent myself to extend this topic to the real life situation! The question that immediately crops up to the mind is "Do we have a real life analogue of PL's??" Can we have any preparation break to console a friend having a broken heart or a shattered dream! We obviously cant have any PL when you do a blunder that can have quite a large damage potential and people start firing you questions! There can be many more situations in which you have to prepare yourself for the unexpected situation without any time lag. In all such scenarios spontaneity holds the key. No PLs out there!
For all those guys who are having a (Good or bad Depending on them!) time in their PLs, Whatever the result of this stupid discussion you will have to make the most of your PLs. All the best!!


Sauron of Mordor said...

Good to see you back in the world of blogging laddie! Nice post...PL's aint no good, that's what I feel...Life's not gonna start giving you PL's any time soon...

Anyways, check out Saurya's blog on
The posts are wicked and funny.

Sauron of Mordor said...

Also check out this site...

Got a list of all BITsian bloggers from over the ages. Can add ur URL too, if u wish