Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome - Beyond Humour

Welcome's gross earning-70 Crores. That's the 6th largest absolute earning for any Bollywood movie. we (Me, Soumyadeep, Ameya, Ankit) form a group of die-hard fans of Welcome! Viewing the complete movie (or a part of it) is a must when all of us gather. Apart from the hysteria, Welcome offers a lot of things. The directors may not have been able to realise the message which the movie is going to convey to the society. It has happened with many scientific discoveries that the discoverer could not estimate the potential of the work. But as time passed, people realised the impact of the discovery.

Many of the following things are strongly contextual. Better watch the movie before reading the post, if you have not.

  • Faith in God - "Bhagwan ka diya hua sab kuch hain". Despite enjoying the emperor-seque grandeur, Nana has not forgotten the importance of almighty. Time and again, he keeps on thanking almighty for whatever he has earned.
  • Listen to Heart - Nana and Anil Kapoor despite being super-successful in their profession, leave it and follow their hearts.
  • The desire for justice - "Insaaf hokar rahega!"
  • Natural vs Unnatural - Turn your neck to right and make a sound!
  • Women Empowerment - Who says only men have the birthright to rescue others? Women are equal to men in almost every field.
  • Public Safety is paramount - Bullets and Gun in separate pockets
  • Keen observational sense - A donkey sitting on a horse is not always fun. You have to go deep and decode the meaning behind it.
  • Spontaneity - "Miracle!"
  • Affection : The strong emotional ties between Ghungroo and Shetty Sahab and many other pairs say it all.
  • Last but not the least -"Jhooth ka pagda kitna bhi bhaari ho, jeet hamesha sachhai ki hoti hain"