Friday, April 18, 2008


I had read in Oxford Dictionary that the word(Prepone) was derived in India and its usage is considered as non-standard. Now when I google the word, I find its existence in many standard dictionaries like Webster.(Alas! Blogger does not approve the word!) India can change the way world looks at things!

I believed preponement can be a good policy till I entered the later half of sophomore. The courses are giving a glimpse of what can be achieved on their foundation. A simple chip can change the word(In fact it has!) This feeling was impossible even if I would have preponed the learning of things.

Many times I try to visualize future. When I find similarity between what I had imagined and what happens, it feels great. The uncanny similarity entices to envisage more and more. One can put best foot upfront if fairly accurate in anticipating things.

On the contrary side, there are some things which have their own time. One may practice predicting and making himself familiar with whatever is stored in future. But this lessens the joy of uncertainty. The beauty of hazy future lies in its unpredictability. If a distantly impossible phenomenon suddenly occurs it tests the strength of individual,the ability to cope up with any kind of circumstance.

I feel its a matter of two thinking tendencies. One who like to adventure,take risks and explore new avenues may go for the later one. Whilst individuals (like me) who like to have a low risk approach, play safe and are more careful about the outcomes than the methods used, may prefer the anticipation way of thinking.

PS-For reverting to blogging, a hell span of assignments and tests needs to get passed and a holiday too!