Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Random Thoughts

Ever wondered whats so special to be human and to live human life? Its because humans have emotions,they can understand emotions-their own as well as others. Joy,sorrow,anger,love-each one has its impact on the human life. Each one rules the heart.
I listened to aniket's poems yesterday. They touched my heart. Beautifully written,each line,each word has meaning that conveys the maturity of thinking. The optimism in the writing was another striking feature. There wasnt any shade of sorrow,the grief of a broken heart,things that are normally found in most of the poems nowadays. If he permits i will surely post them on my blog.
Humans carry an indispensable thing with them which we call past tense! You can't do anything to your past but it can do a myriad things in your life. Past memories can be inspiring,they can be depressing,at times they can be embarassing,many times they can be useful,they can be like a beaconing light for the future path. It ultimately depends on us as how we see towards our past. I have wonderful memories of my school life. The careless days,never ending sporting enthusiasm, the fun with the friends...The slap on the face and the pat on the back had equally important impression for the good future! Those friends still form the closest group of friends and those memories still occupy the best part of memory..
Each phase of human life has its own importance.Each phase lays down the foundation for the next life.
There is a certain degree of randomness in the thoughts today. I would probably never make my blog look like a diary.Sometimes it may be coherent, sometimes incoherent.But ultimately its the flow of thoughts that matters.Thats why this is "Den of thoughts!"

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