Friday, February 16, 2007

Orkut Mania

Its a wave thats catching almost everyone and everywhere.How can i remain on the back seat? One of my good old pals introduced me to the world of orkut. I found it quite interesting and the race of scraps and friends got started. It was quite amazing to be on touch with scores of people at the same time. I catched quite a good pace of scraps. Orkut plus google keep on introducing new things that keeps your interest alive. But i guess too many people on orkut has let many irregularities creep in. The unspoken decency is not maintained and some anti social factors are making the matters worse. Another interesting fact that i notice is about the Testimonial stuff. A testimonial should be independent of time and place. e.g." i met him here few days ago"... Now does this statement make any sense for a third person reading the testimonial? Also testimonial and "about me" are copies of each others many times. You have to rate the person as per his inner qualities and not by his external or superficial traits. Although i don't claim myself to be a great testimonial writer but these are the few things that make the testimonial attractive for a third person..

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Sauron of Mordor said...

Brilliant man!!! 3 posts on the very first day of blogging.

The thought process with the orkut thing was really sincere and coherent. Good going!!!