Friday, February 16, 2007


This is a rather weird thought. Its about the desire to bring about some change in someone's behaviour and the mindset to accept the change. We are not always ready to accept the change in someone's behaviour. I will rather elucidate this with some example.
A person wishes that his wife who never socializes or resricts herself to the four walls of the home should start participating in some kind of activity that will bring her out. He insists her to do something other than normal housekeeping. As a result she indulges herself in some sort of task.But here is where the whole story begins. The extent to which he asks her to come out of the home, he should get into the house by the same extent. This level of understanding is not so common.The essence is that when we are trying to bring about some change we should put ourselves in to the post-change situation first and make up our mind accordingly. This will help a lot to adapt into the situation easily.

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