Friday, July 23, 2010

Citizens Against Inappropriate and Excessive Use of Awesome

In an attempt to revive this blog, I am posting my Facebook notes over here. I hope to be more regular on the blog in the coming days.


We are a group of like minded people who are often irritated with the widespread usage of awesome; predominantly on web-forums, social networking sites, in status messages and chatting. This usage at times is improper and there can be other adjectives better suited for the purpose. People have started losing the ability to discriminate between adjectives. We at CAIEUA want everyone to realize the wide range of adjectives English language has got and use them appropriately.

About the quiz:

Nearly a week ago, we posted a quiz on this link. We thank everyone for taking the quiz. The quiz was conducted just to make the quiz takers realize the objective of CAIEUA. Posting the results of the quiz would hardly make any sense as many quiz takers seemed to have got cautioned at the time of answering the questions. CAIEUA wanted to capture the dilemma that many quiz takers would have faced while choosing between awesome and other appropriate adjective present in the options. Had the other adjectives not provided, many would have straight gone for awesome without even thinking for other suitable choices. If even one of the quiz takers starts thinking on our lines after taking the quiz or reading this note, it would be a great success for us. We thank you for the precious time you spent on this whole exercise.

P.S - Please don't comment as "Awesome post" or make any oblique references to certain Barney Stinson just to show that you liked it.


Abhinav said...

Ah yes, I remember your campaign. You have my heartfelt support, friend.

Harshad said...

Thanks Abhinav, let's fight for the original adjectives' sake!