Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Idiot Box

Recently I have been watching a lot of television. Most of it has been entertaining but there was a lot of food for thought as well.

Mi Shivaji Raje Bhosale Boltoy
South Indians can open up restaurants throughout Maharashtra, Sindhis, Marwaris, Gujrathis capturing markets leaving no space for Marathis to enter the market are just lame excuses. Nobody has stopped anyone from toiling hard. The willingness should come from within.

A Marathi Play
I saw an interview of a stage artist who explained the concept behind her stage play. The explosion of mobile phones, internet and social networking media, the impact on human lives is inevitable. With the increase in texting, chatting and social networking sites we talk virtually more than physically. But when somebody talks to you virtually, you have an added advantage of disguising your emotions, expressions or your own identity. In other words it may not be the "real you" who is talking, rather a different form of yours who can be more expressive or less expressive as per the need. So we have a split personality, (not entirely) thanks to the virtual communication.

Poverty and Determination
In a quiz there was this guy who worked in a paper 'raddi' shop, who used to wash all the dishes at a Wada Pav centre for the sake of getting four Wada Pav in night. The father of Balasaheb Thakerey who painted number plates of cars to survive in a city like Mumbai but never begged for the money. Hardships are always a part of human life but then dogged determination is the key to beat them.

Sach Ka Saamna controversy has opened up a huge debate in the country. Legally speaking there is nothing wrong with the show, for there is nothing vulgar, obscene content being shown, no foul language etc. It may fit perfectly in the legal framework. But then do we need such shows is the hot question? When questions like "Have you ever had sex with your relatives?" are being answered affirmatively, the issue needs addressing. Confession, truth are definitely virtues of a better human being, but at appropriate timings. If a dressed up woman asks you, how is she looking, she is just expecting a nod, rubber stamping her make-up or dress-up. If you candidly confess that you look ugly and fat in this dress, or the lipstick looks like remains of some blood bath, it won't certainly help. Similarly if your confession comes at the price of harmony in your family or relational balance that too in front of billion eyes watching you, is that really needed? Putting it in the name of voluntary participation and that participants have a fair idea of the kind of questions that are going to be asked in the show, is perhaps diverting us from addressing the broader issue. The cultural difference between the audiences of "Moment of Truth" and "Sach Ka Saamna" can't be undermined. Same questions may have radically different receptions and consequences.

After all the box may be idiot, but has humans on either sides!


swapnil said...

After reading this post, the last sentence makes so much sense.

Same goes with everything that gives you knowledge, power, speed etc. Take examples of the Internet,E = mc2 and Airplanes.

Goonjan said...

Last line--- BHOKAAL!!!

Ninad Pundalik said...

my take... the box aint idiot... its the people who are...