Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Topic,Anyone?

Seems like ages have been past since the last post. I am still searching for a good topic! Search for a good topic is desperately on for 'Ankur' (An yearly Magazine of the Maharashtra People's Organization at BITS-Pilani) Life at BITS seems to have gone miles ahead. Yeah, congrats to Swapnil for his success in Google Coding competition!

I am back to Pilani from a long holiday of couple of weeks at home. This visit meant a lot for me in many ways. I got to observe the placement procedures in the local colleges of Maharashtra. I could mark the differences of the same carried out in BITS as against in the colleges there. Some key and not so obvious differences
  • Time of placement (Academic year in which placement is done)
  • Syllabus covered till that time
  • Type of post for which recruitment is done (Development vs Testing,Not always true)
I feel lucky to be at BITS! (Although its a bit too early to say that :P !!)

Despite staying away from home for last 4-5 years, the drive to go home is quite strong. What urges more to write this post is the probable parting from Amravati in the recent future. Although since last few years I am merely reduced as a guest,the beloved association with the city for more than 15 years is comparable to nothing.

And this picture can possibly describe heaven-Melted Chocolate Truffle.
I couldn't get the image of the original one ,so had to Google it out.Thanks to Supriya for the introduction! Delight for Eyes and a great treat for taste buds!

P.S- If you are a chocolate freak then Aditya has something interesting for you.

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