Tuesday, February 5, 2008

M S Dhoni

Why would someone love M S Dhoni?

-He has emerged from a rural background,defying all the politics and fighting hard.

-He went on succeeding in career and became captain of ODI team in such an early stage.

-His strokeplay innings is a delight to watch(?)

-His brave statements,on-field approach which has a tinge of aggression with calmity at times.

Why would someone hate M S Dhoni?

-His brave statements!

-His non technical approach towards batting.

-His overemphasis on the success in T20 world cup.

-His alleged role in banishing Ganguly from the team.

-If the person in question is a Dravid fan.

I admire him for the first one and a half reason and hate for first three reasons. I feel the change in the leadership in the Indian cricket was done in hasty and it involved a lot of unfair politics.To add into the anti-Dhoni air was media which made the T20 success look equivalent to winning 4 world cups. The success in T20 was no where a barometer for success in One dayers or Test cricket. As long as Dhoni performs well his bold statements would not disturb anyone. But once he or his team for that matter starts losing the grip,it will (rather it has) become a problem for many.

Its important that Dhoni gets his act together both on and off the field. Because he is a role model for a lot of youngsters who hail from a semi-urban or rural background and want to make it big in cricket. Because they can relate themselves with him,owing to the similarity in backgrounds. He can be an symbol of a fighter who defies all the regional politics,Anti-rural prejudice. He can be an epitome for hardwork,burning desire for winning. In him see a billion Indians themselves ruling the world. Are you listening Mr.Dhoni?

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