Monday, November 24, 2008

A Tribute

What makes one dazzle? Only integral double digit CGPA, Hefty paychecks before entering into the real world, a publication in journals which you probably can't open from your computer as you are not so rich/qualified to access it, or may be someone trying to fix a partner for life without having lived a quarter of it(Life expectancy has shoot up, Go jog if apprehensive) or something else.

Cycles - Every existing phenomenon has to be cyclic. If not the time period is larger than yours. My father used to say, pane galnar, punha navi hirwi pane yetil ( Autumn and Spring). I could never fathom the seriousness of it, rather I used to run away from it. I can feel how an acrophobic must be feeling when he's put on the edge of a sky-scrapper. The gap between existence and nullity is so narrow.

Life is priceless. Suicides being committed for failures in examinations, getting dumped by love interests and even more insane reasons. Does tackling problems weigh heavier than the existence of life? It does not, certainly. Humans are superior than animals because they can think, they can find ways, chalk out multiple possibilities.

Lives dazzle, deeds mesmerize, remembrance last forever. Everything is possible. It just asks the extra belief in inner self and the perseverance. Get dazzled, bedazzle, be remembered.

This is dedicated to the lady who spent entire life for her children and divine causes, my grandmother.

May she rest in peace.

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mrunmayee said...

"pane galnar, punha navi hirwi pane yetil"
The time period is quite long it seems.
I used to think that there is much more to life than just living it for yourself.
I'm waiting for Spring. :)