Saturday, December 8, 2007

Path and End

"We love you and not your marks" My parents said when Iwas unable to write an exam due to illness. So important is the quote in today's competitive world. Its necessary to realize the life beyond studies or work.I always joke that scientists never have a wife or a girlfriend so that they can divert all their time to research purpose. In reality there are stories of great scientists who confined there existence within the boundaries of labs or universities for years together. The great discoveries were made at the expense of their personal life.
When you stay focused you obviously don't have a second life.But when you are 'forced to focus' things get a bit awry. This very dilemma makes life dull,unidimensional. The ever rising competition demands more and more from the individual. Of a majority of discussions with my friends CGPA,placements and a series of never ending worries are always a part. I am not denying the importance of these worries but what I want to emphasize is that sometimes you need to change your vision. If you are moving on the path that you chose for yourself,wait for a moment,watch what all is there around,understand that there is much more than mere walking,get refreshed and then again start walking.There will definitely be some difference between the two walks.


Vineet Pandey said...

Loved it, more so because I have two tests in as many days. Oh the irony!

swapnil said...

I cite an example that I have read somewhere..
compare a person with a racehorse. The horse is running..he looks around and feels-" omg..there's still so much to go"..
Now with a different attitude, the horse knows that he is not bound, he is free to run and utilise all his lies the opportunity to overcome the hurdles and challenges...
Will a person with second attitude need to be motivated?