Monday, September 24, 2007


I was there at the Soumyadeep's room sitting in front of his laptop.He uses "Google desktop" which has many interesting features like calendar,CPU usage,memory status etc.But the most catchy thing was the "To Do" list.(For a 9.5+ guy you would surely expect things like doing maths assignments,reading Mechanics of solids,completing lab journals etc!)

I started recalling the last time when I planned to do something and successfully achieved the target.I've read a nice statement,
People don't plan to fail,but they fail to plan
Its been almost 4 years since I am planning for the effective utillization of my sundays.(And this is the 4th successive year of failure!)

The program starts from saturday night-I sleep early so that my Sun'day' should not get spoilt.
Sunday morning-I wake up early,feel fresh,"Thank God! I am not late,hopefully I would be able to make the most of my time"
Somehow I manage to doing some crappy things till the lunch(anything other than what I had planned)
Lunch-The most beautiful diet of the week.You obviously cant have less at that day.Meals till the full mark!
Post lunch-Its not a bad idea to have a "power nap"
(Power nap concept-Rest for the conservation of energy for the productive tasks post-nap)
zzzz-till 4-5 PM...
5 PM-Time for some evening snack!
Eventually its time for the dinner(Both in Kota and Pilani the dinner timings are quite earlier than the usual 9/10 PM)
Finally when I burp,I realize that all the plans,all the hopes are gone with the burp!(Also with the sleep and the food too!!)
At last when its night..All the 'hardwork' done in the daytime is now showing its signs and I am too sleepy to carry on with the studies.

I don't ask for any lifelong planning nor I ask for any structured paths for my future,but anybody,"please chalk out a good and an executable plan for my Sundays & the way to execute it successfully!"


aditya said...

hmmm...a week passed and i see the post now! the point: Theres hardly any need to plan everything. just keep reminding yourself frequently whether the thing you are doing at that instant is the best to do that instant. your mind tells the rest. so lets rock this sunday with good sleep and ghot ghot ghot! (for maths t1!)

Anonymous said...

Escapism from shitty planning and connectivity with the past and future Bitsian life !!!

sanjiv kumar choudhary said...

Greatpeople's lives took a turn when they had similar experiences. When we stand by our parents' aspirations our joys get enhanced manifold. When our parents are satisfied by what we do or they know that we are serious in our work, they make such statement. It makes us more responsible. We must enjoy our work and not be too much bothered about the result.