Thursday, June 28, 2007


The title might be misleading here. One may think of connectivity with respect to mobile or Internet.But I have a completely different context. I was listening to Sandip Khare's poems.(Sandip Khare is a famous Marathi Poet.His Programme "Aaushyawar Bolu kahi" is quite a hit in Maharashtra) Sandip Khare has got a large Fan community amongst which youth form most of the part. The language is easy to understand. Real life situations are beautifully described in an emotional manner.
In my opinion the reason for the large youth followers is the title of the article "Connectivity".Although the language,the style or the beauty of the poetry have their own credit but what matters a lot is that the youth can connect themselves to those poems.It is quite possible for many of the fans to put themselves in many of the poems. They can relate themselves to the situations.I have numerous examples in this regard.
The phenomenal success of "Rang De Basanti" can be another example. The avant garde concept Bhagat Singh in Jeans was really a hit. The reason still remains the same. The earlier image of Bhagat singh was difficult to relate with for the youth. But the feel "anyone amongst us can contribute to the nation by some way" was the major achievement of the film. What mattered the most was "connectivity".
Some more Examples:
  • The initial success of "K" Sops-House wives could connect themselves with the characters of the serials.
  • Highly successful Amitabh Bachhan in the 70's or 80's. Average Indian audience was able to relate themselves with the"Young angry man"
  • The Mac-Donald's in India have some kind of Tikka as their largest selling entity. Call it the Indianization of Mac-Donald's or the business trick or whatever you may wish,my interest remains the connectivity of average Indian customer with the Menu Card. Its easy to connect with names such as Tikka-Samosa etc etc than some unknown foreign names.

The morale of the story :If you have an idea which people can connect themselves with,chances are high that it will click.


Abhiraj Pande said...

It seems that you have a keen sense of observation.I think when you read poems it does not make that impact on our mind as it does when the same lyrics are tuned.The thing which i like most is Dr. Salil Kulkarni's voice.And that i think is what you say CONNECTIVITY in"Aaushyawar Bolu kahi".

I liked your observation regarding McD's tikka.Its amazing that you are observing these things.

aditya said...

good observations! 2 more:
--hindi menus and keypads in nokia of the reasons people like nokia
--the dish chilli paneer actually comes from chilli chicken and indian hotels quickly 'personalised' it for indian people!

Anonymous said...

a nice post.. have a very good sense of observation..i too agree with you about the way movies connect with people..though in case of music my interest lies mostly in instrumental..:)
man u write so well..wud really like to see read your new posts more frequently..

Soumyadeep said...

Oye post something new. *lol*

Like the examples you've given. Though I think more than the word connect, the word 'identify' will be suitable in some cases.