Saturday, March 3, 2007

Machine vs human

The topic of computer games reminds me of a phenomenon in chemistry. Its called as "umpolung".I used to be a big critic of computer game earlier but not now!. I have developed a good interest in gaming now.

Besides my gaming interest i have something rather interesting to share with you. For the first time in my life i played real football on the field.( I used to play in the school but with tiny plastic ball and without offsides!!) Just after completing a kick off in FIFA 07 ( An EA sports computer football game) i went on the field to play the real stuff.. It was just like comparing the computer and human. Its so easy on the computer to just click a key and to manipulate the passes, the free kicks, the formation and a lot more things. When it comes to the real ground playing it becomes a complex, multidimensional problem! I can remember my biology teacher saying that people all over the world are putting their best to make a robot ( ultimately a computer aided machine) which can play football with humans. But even after pouring trillions of dollars they might not succeed. The topic is just not just about playing football. It is indeed a vast topic which needs a lot of attention. You can have a machine which can serve you round the clock satisfying all your needs but i bet you cant create a mother with machines which will ask you whether you had your lunch or not..

The message is pretty clear- Its up to the humans to decide as to what extent machines should become a part of their life.

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Saurabh said...

Fifa sucks donkey balls. PES is the way to go